Looking forward to trying this soon!

In preperation for seeing them again in about a month! it’s gonna be good! :D


Nevor! :D

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Found this on motorcyclenews.com

Absolutely love it! I have the same bike, but it’s standard, and looks nowhere near as good as this! ..given me some ideas for what I’d like to do to mine, but being a complete novice I have no idea where to start! 

Thought id post another from the same trip as I did yesterday, since I’m still not entirely what use I’m going to have for Tumblr! however, I would like to get out and use the camera again soon, too much work, not enough play! …and the weathers crap.

Since I’ve spent today planning holidays, I think this is an appropriate photo! took it on my birthday camping trip into Wales a couple of years ago!


So, I should really post something to kick this whole tumblr thing off.. but it’s late, and Im not entirely sure what sort of thing I’m going to use this thing for! so this will have to do as my first (crap) post. but more will turn up in time I’m sure!